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Sports Medicine; a Holistic Approach

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Sports Medicine is not a standalone discipline like oncology or pediatrics. The practitioners usually have some background in internal and emergency medicine which they top up with another specialty for which that have additional training.

Some are not healthcare providers at all but provide additional skills like physical therapy or nutrition and diet

Covering the athlete from A – Z

massage therapy woburn ma

The idea reaches beyond the ideas of pain management and curing injured athletes and into the realms of prevention, diet as fuel and therefore its influence goes well beyond a sportsperson.

Advances in sports medicine have effect in longevity management, they have effect in developing children and insights into how the body reacts to injury, which helps all of us.

Vocations in Sports Medicine

Physical therapists and massage therapy woburn ma work to improve movement and recovery from injury.

Athletic trainers are not to be confused with exercise instructors. Athletic trainers prevent and treat injuries working within a team comprising of the athlete, coaches, physical therapists and doctors.


Physics, how things happen, is an integral part of sports performance. A biomechanist looks at the effects for forces on the body in injury or improvement.

Medical Doctor

Doctors are an essential part of the team. Diagnose is one of their starting points, they form a focal part of a team which could include medicine, surgery, physical therapy and more.

This is the most rigorous of all training. At least four years in medical school followed by two more years in fellowship training.

Sports Medicine is Growing

The discipline is in growth mode. As the population ages, the need for a more complete understanding of how bodies work, break and recover are more important now than ever. Now you understand why this is not just getting a massage.