Physical Therapy


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Physical therapy has a broad definition. The words tend to cover treatment for a disease or injury which is physical in nature, such as massage. It is not treating the disease or injury with either drugs or surgery, although physical therapy will help a patient recover from surgery.

Physical therapy lady lake fl clinics, as well as others, will use a range of techniqies according to the situation and observation on what the patient responds to. Patients can be treated as outpatients or during a stay in a facility.

Who’s who in physical therapy?

There are three main physical therapy roles, a physical therapist, and assistant and a technician. Each have different educational requirements. A physical therapist and an assistant must be licensed in the state in which they work.

Physical therapists – are health care professionals usually with a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Their role includes diagnosis as well as working out treatment plans, and engaging with the patient to establish medical history.

Assistants – work as part of the team and may be involved in the provision of treatment but not its selection. The assistant will also be involved in collecting data and reporting back to the team

Technicians – work in a manner that is less demanding and responsible than the assistant, but they will assist in similar ways. While the other two require degrees a technician can start training with a High School diploma. Their actual responsibilities will depend on whether or not they are licensed.

What can a patient expect?

Patients can expect to learn how to better deal with their condition. The concept behind physical therapy is to improve the patient’s quality of life holistically. The specific benefits for each person depend on their circumstances, but could range from less pain, better movement to avoiding surgery.